Why culture is so important to Europeans

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european villageDon’t let it fool you, America has a distinct culture. One of the oldest put downs of the good ole US of A is that it doesn’t really have a culture. According to this old and tired critique, American culture is just an amalgam or derivative product of other people’s culture. Kind of like the leftover ‘cheese’ made when processed cheese is created: it doesn’t smell as bad as real cheese, doesn’t taste as good, and can survive on the shelf without refrigeration. American culture strikes many as bland and is more of an attitude rather than a real culture. Whatever truth these criticisms may have, one thing is true: they say more about the critics’ values than America itself. For the record, I know for a fact that America has its own distinct culture. Anyone who has ever eaten pepperoni, worn an afro, listened to jazz, eaten a burrito or baked an egg (or take appetite suppressants or use tips the American way l on 1) would know how authentic American culture is. The truth is American culture takes old inputs and turns it into something new and exciting. That’s what makes the US awesome: it is a land of second and third chances. Still, no discussion of culture would be complete without analyzing why culture is so important to many of America’s critics. It just so happens that many of them are Europeans. So why the big deal about culture in Europe?

For many Americans, the European fixation with culture might seem outdated-if not outright quaint. Even though Europe might even have more modern technology in some places. A test done by PCMAG showed that overall Western Europeans have faster computers as Americans, don’t worry though, you can speed up your computer or website for free easily with various free tools from GiftOfSpeed like this png compressor on the internet or with tips like on http://www.speed-up-pc.org). All silliness aside, you have to understand that culture is the lifeblood of Europe. Whereas in America, culture is intertwined with a political and legal framework, culture is closer to home in Europe. It defines a person. You have to remember that for such a small geographic space, Europe contains dozens of languages and dialects. In fact, there are so many cultural groups in small areas, it is no wonder we got the word ‘Balkanization’ from Europe. Culture defines people. It sets them apart from each other. It also impacts their expectations of other cultural groups. It sets boundaries. For Americans, culture is always a work in progress. Instead of a celebration in the past, its main value is that you can celebrate it now as it evolves and grows into something bigger and different. To Americans, culture is all about self-reinvention. To Europeans, culture is about remembering and celebrating. Instead of providing a roughly outlined bass line which a jazz band improvises around, the European view of culture is a solid template in the past that provides guidelines and boundaries. To Americans, the guidelines and boundaries are temporary and be reinvented by the next beat or bass line. This can come in helpful in modern day times, where stuff like finding ways how to lose weight quickly has become more important as enjoying a nice meal with your family. To each his own.

Why Europe is the most popular holiday destination in the world

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eiffel towerIt is not a big mystery why Europe is the travel destination of the world. We are talking about at least 80 million visitors or more in any given year. This makes a lot of sense. The place is very diverse and the food is awesome. Who can’t appreciate the artistic treasures of the Louvre or get carried away by the rustic beauty of Bourdeaux’s wine country? Who wouldn’t love the specialized food offerings of authentic French country markets? Diversity and a sense of the unfamiliar is what makes France such a great travel destination. But the truth is, all of Europe makes for great vacation memories. We’re talking, of course, about a huge swath of territory that offers up a great variety of experiences from the Old World elegance of Madrid and its spicy tapa-laced nightlife to the town to town gastronomic extravaganza only Italy can offer to the ancient allure of Rome’s ruins and Florence’s Renaissance splendor, to the fascinating palaces of the Czech Republic. If this list already has you ready to log on to priceline.com to book a cheap flight, don’t stop reading-there’s more. No list of awesome European destinations would be complete without mentioning the great cities of Zurich, Berlin, and Amsterdam. There are also many other cities that didn’t make the list. Still, you should have a rough idea by now why Europe is the world’s holiday capital. And I haven’t even mentioned what London offers. There is just so much to see and so much to do in Europe. For instance, last week there was a gold investing conference (good site for investing in gold: http://invest-in-gold.org) That is the main reason why people would rather go on holiday there. There are other compelling reasons, of course. These are ease of travel, lots of history, and monetary union.

To say that it is easy to travel in Europe would be stating the obvious. Most holiday goers arrive in Europe via Heathrow airport. From there, they can take a connecting flight to the mainland, or they can ride the channel train to see France by rail. This, in of itself, makes for a great adventure. You can seamlessly see Europe by rail from England to France to Spain to France then Italy then Switzerland to Germany and elsewhere. The people in these countries look thin, not because they use appetite suppressants like many phen375 reviews claim, but because of a healthy diet and they know how to hard boil eggs like on eggtutor. All through your trip you can make quick and easy side trips to soak up the local history and local flavor. You get back on the train and move on to the next country. Also, some countries, like Italy, feature cities that are like mini-countries. Each town, each city, each stop, offering their own unique traveling experience. For most countries, getting around and paying is not a big problem because of the EU monetary union. I have had the distinct pleasure of traveling from England to the mainland and it is an experience I definitely want to repeat again